Friday, July 17, 2009

More on My Parents' Quilts

July 17, 2009

copyright, The Quilt Complex, 2009

I promised to add more photos of my parents, Al and Merry Silber ~ and some of the antique quilts in their collection.

I have just returned from eight days in Michigan with my folks. My Mom's 95th birthday was July 10 ~ We had a great party for her.

I got out a few more of their quilts and took some photos.

Here's Mom with an 1880's Log Cabin "Zig Zag" variation

And here she is examining a turn-of-the-century quilt called "Rattlesnake" or Mohawk Trail."

Mom has a special love for indigo and white quilts of the 19th century.
The one above is called "Orange Peel."

Below is a detail of a design Mom always called "Kaleidoscope." I'll have to check my books to see if that is a traditional name for it.

All three of the blue and white quilts shown here have curved seams.

Stay tuned...
There is more to come on my folks' wonderful quilts.


  1. Oh my goodness what fabulous quilts!
    and your folks look so great....they certainly passed along their love of quilts to you didn't they? Love these pictures, thank you for sharing.

    My son lives in Farmington, MI.....what would be the number one place I should see in Michigan?

    Happy sewing!

  2. Your Mom sure has and eye for beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing...

  3. I remember your mom from the shows at the Somerset Mall in Troy. Such a beautiful, graceful lady!

  4. those are some gorgeous quilts. Your parents have a great eye for beautiful quilts. I have a number of my Great Grandmother's quilts and have posted about them. Do you have any reference books about patterns? I am curious if mine have any pattern names, especially the black and white one. If you have a chance check my blog & look at the sidebar at Genevieve's work. thanks so much

  5. selam..Turkiye-Antalyadan merhaba ...bloğunuz ve patchworkleriniz çok güzel ...

  6. I still have the poster of the blue and white quilts in the May, 1981, show at the Somerset Mall. The images live on (and I've made a few blue/whites along the way). We appreciate your mother's contributions to quilting.
    Phyllis O'Connor in Burbank, CA

  7. What a treasure! Love the blue and white quilts. My father in love just turned 90 on July 11th. He is still in great health, tires a little more often, but still bowls once a week and cares for his wife of 67 years :-) Thanks for sharing the quilts.