Saturday, November 28, 2009

birds on quilts

Looking through some of our images for a Holiday image,
I found this fabulous, hand embroidered
TURKEY from a fancy 1890s Crazy Quilt (detail).

We recently sold a 19th century Sampler Quilt featuring
this cocky fellow.

So, I started looking for more Birds on Quilts and found

the cool ones below.

Detail: circa 1880s "Birds of Paradise" quilt, Pennsylvania

Detail of an Album Quilt, circa 1860

Detail of an Album Quilt, circa 1860

Detail of an Appliqued and Stuffed Quilt, circa 1880

Align CenterVictorian Crazy Quilts tend to be covered with embroidery,
typically worked over every seam.

But the fancy pieces of silk and velvet
are also a nice canvas for embroidered images of
objects, people, animals of all sorts ~ and great birds!

Why so many birds on quilts?
Whoo Knows?


  1. I enjoyed seeing all the birds from antique quilts. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Julie,
    Loved the birds! We are going to be in the Bay area over Christmas - so sorry to see that I am just missing your Dec. 6th affair.

  3. What a great post, thanks for sharing all your info and pictures!

  4. Wonderful turkey, chicken, owl and generally unknown birds!

  5. What a wonderful array! Thanks, Julie....

  6. I love birds on quilts! They just make me happy. Thanks for sharing. jane m.

  7. Birds represent free spirit and I love seeing them in a quilt. Thank you for sharing these images!

  8. very beautifull quilts, i love so must your work, creative and originale, congratulation, this is ART, the Cristina from island S.Miguel in AZORES

  9. Thanks for sharing all of your images with us this year!

  10. Fun pics! Love all the birds!