Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Inspirations . . . Sources

Inspirations . . . Sources
copyright, The Quilt Complex, 2009

Original Design, pieced and appliqued, circa 1930-40

In looking through my quilts (and photos of quilts) for a recent article I wrote on CURVED SEAMS in pieced quilts, I came upon this WONDER. Curved seams, yes. Elongated points, yes. Skillfully made, yes.

But WHERE did this unnamed quilt maker get the idea for this totally
ORIGINAL DESIGN made circa 1930-40?

The issue of sources and inspirations for quilt designs is a HUGE subject and will not be covered in this simple blog entry.

On this fantastic design, MY best guess for the quilt maker's model --
early 20th century crocheted doilies !

What do YOU think?