Tuesday, July 17, 2012

quilts galore!

Calling All Quilt Lovers!

We're packing our bags and leaving for the Pacific Northwest!
Check out all the Super QUILT ACTIVITIES in the Seattle area!  

Coming Right Up...

World Premiere!

August 4 - October 28, 2012
Whatcom Museum ~ Bellingham, Washington

 American Quilts: The Democratic Art, 1780-2007 by Robert Shaw

Based on Robert Shaw's 2009 acclaimed book and
curated by Robert Shaw and Julie Silber

Bob and I have put together
more than thirty of America's finest quilts,
each of them made between 1800 and 2005.

  This extraordinary collection of textiles encompasses a full range of
American quilts and makes a powerful statement for the quilt
as a major American art form.

I'll be giving an illustrated lecture at 3pm 
on opening day, August 4th.
There will be a reception following from 5-7pm.

Jean and I went to Bellingham recently to prepare for the Exhibition.
While there, looking at the space we came up with an idea!

"How about a one-day-only, first rate, antique quilt store at the museum!"

Come visit our POP-UP Store
On August 5th ~ 10am to 5pm.

We, "The Quilt Complex" will be joined by
Jane Lury and David Hupert, "Labors of Love,"
coming all the way from New York!
Local dealer Janice Gessin will be there too, all of us with
lots of antique quilts ~ ranging from the very rarest to the most affordable.

DON’T MISS this opportunity to enjoy some fantastic Antique Quilts!

 ONE DAY Quilt Market: August 5, 2012, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m 
Antique Quilts for Sale  

Leaving Bellingham and driving back to the Seattle airport, we stopped in
Bellevue to see the to see the Bellevue Arts Museum show of
“African-American” quilts.
While not entirely convinced of their provenance
as such, we were stunned by the visual impact of so many of them.
    African American Quilts from the Collection of Corrine Riley
    June 14 - October 7, 2012
    Bellevue Museum of Art ~ Bellevue Washington

    Come to the Opening of our Exhibition in Bellingham 
    on August 4, stay for the One-Day QUILT MARKET on 
    August 5 ~ then stop by the Bellevue Show and have 
    one fabulous quilt weekend!!