Thursday, January 5, 2012

Come Cruise With Us!


You Are Invited!

We're going on a wonderful, fun, and informative trip!

A Textile-Related CRUISE/TOUR
to the Mediterranean...

Join me on one of Deb Roberts'

Not only will we sail, and stop in some of the most beautiful places on Earth,
we textile lovers will have a rare chance to learn and share
... on-board... and off!

Deb will do her terrific talk on the Indian Chintz trade,
enriching and deepening our experience of being in that part of the world!

I will do a few talks on board, with Power Point illustrations
as well as a few REAL quilts ~ some rare beauties!

I’ll also be offering several informal “workshops” on topics relating to the trip:
We’ll talk about early quilts in America ~ and their oft-ignored European roots.

We can all share what we know about this, or just listen in…

This is going to be GREAT ... Won't You Join Us?

If you sign up before January 31, 2012, you will get a

Detail: Crazy Quilt, circa 1885

Detail: Baltimore Album Quilt, circa 1850

Detail: Baltimore Album Quilt, Circa 1845