Monday, August 10, 2009

appraising antique quilts ...

And The Wonderful Things We Sometimes See...

copyright: The Quilt Complex 2009

Last Saturday I appraised quilts (made before about 1960) at the San Jose (CA) Museum of Quilts and Textiles. The museum organized this event for the public.

I love doing appraisals this way. You never know what is going to "walk in the door."

I do not yet have permission from all of the owners to share their quilts with you, I will post mostly detail shots of what we got to see ...

From the funk-a-delic to the sublime.... pretty exciting!

By far, the oddest "Yo-YO" quilt I have ever seen! Made predominantly of silk stockings, probably World War Two era, 1940s.

Detail of a charming, crudely made, Four Block floral applique, circa 1900, Georgia

A signature quilt from Pennsylvania, with well documented blocks, dated 1870 - 1877. Family owned.

And YES, a true, authentic Baltimore Album quilt , c. 1845, never before shown and right out of the family!

What a great day!