Monday, August 10, 2009

appraising antique quilts ...

And The Wonderful Things We Sometimes See...

copyright: The Quilt Complex 2009

Last Saturday I appraised quilts (made before about 1960) at the San Jose (CA) Museum of Quilts and Textiles. The museum organized this event for the public.

I love doing appraisals this way. You never know what is going to "walk in the door."

I do not yet have permission from all of the owners to share their quilts with you, I will post mostly detail shots of what we got to see ...

From the funk-a-delic to the sublime.... pretty exciting!

By far, the oddest "Yo-YO" quilt I have ever seen! Made predominantly of silk stockings, probably World War Two era, 1940s.

Detail of a charming, crudely made, Four Block floral applique, circa 1900, Georgia

A signature quilt from Pennsylvania, with well documented blocks, dated 1870 - 1877. Family owned.

And YES, a true, authentic Baltimore Album quilt , c. 1845, never before shown and right out of the family!

What a great day!


  1. The stocking quilt is a hoot! And of course I love the Georgia maverick! I agree...a great day!

  2. Wow, it looks like you had a great day , can't wait to see what else you share with us!

  3. Oh Lordie-I've seen another! I have the directions, somewhere, about making a stocking Cathedral Window-type quilt. from Chicago-home written directions run on a ditto machine. In the style of a Dr. Bronner's soap label--goes on and on and cites biblical scripture right along with the directions. The Baltimore has me salivating--please an overall picture!

  4. I have never heard of someone using stockings for a yo-yo quilt. Too funny! I love the Baltimore Album one. Very nice.

  5. Hi julie
    what an amazing baltimore album quilt, I just spent few days in Baltimore visiting the musuems to see the BA quilts on display
    it was incredible to see them.
    LUCKY you to see this one, aren't they just amazing
    I love this one as it looks more folk arty was it?

  6. The Baltimore Album quilt is amazing!!

  7. What a day! Thanks for sharing, as we say.

  8. At the museum I work at we have a collection of the Baltimore quilts. A very interesting and lovely collection.

  9. Congratulations is a excelent work, is lovely, i dont have a word to discrive this wonderful quilt, one more time congratulations, i am sorry but my ngles is not got i am speak portuguese, i hope understand me.

  10. I'm in love with that yo yo quilt. It looks so much like river rocks.