Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sandra Mitchell ~ Queen of "Cheddar"

June 17, 2009
copyright ... The Quilt Complex ... 2009

Sandra Mitchell was hard to miss… and hard to forget…

A legendary quilt dealer and collector, Sandy died in 2000 at the age of 58. She left some really, really wonderful antique quilts.

One of her loves was the color orange, recently re-christened “cheddar.” It’s a color we, too think is great.

We have several "cheddar" quilts from Sandra’s collection now in our own inventory.

Here are photos of a few:

copyright ... The Quilt Complex ... 2009

Unknown Design, circa 1880

Star in Stars (variant), circa 1880

Variable Stars in Bars, circa 1870

In volume 4 (of a total of 5) of the also legendary publications, "The Quilt Digest," the late Michael Kile wrote a very interesting portrait of Sandra called “The Collector: On the Road.”

Kile quotes her: "I buy quilts I like. Graphics and strong rich colors are my true loves, and I like unusual designs or fine rendition of classic patterns."

More photos of some of Sandy's favorite quilts appear in Quilt Digest 4 (1986). The book is now out of print but is sometimes available, used... We have few copies for sale.

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