Friday, June 19, 2009

Thinking about Trapunto

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June 22, 2009 ~
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Trapunto in OLD Quilts
Part One

We have recently gotten several early quilts featuring "
trapunto" ~ a technique in which the quilting design is outlined with running stitches and then padded from the underside to achieve a raised effect.

It got me to thinking about the various ways quilt makers incorporated this stuffing technique into their designs.

Styles vary, about as widely as they do in all other aspects of quilt making. (DUH!)

Check out the two terrific variations below.
next blog entry will have two more examples ~ different styles!

"Pots of Tulips" ~ circa 1860

This quiltmaker used "trapunto" feathers to separate and border her applique designs
(More photos of this quilt: )

"Currants and Coxcombs" ~ circa 1860

Here, the trapunto ALMOST mimics the applique design
(More photos of this quilt: )

Two more terrific examples, with different trapunto styles coming in my next entry!

copyright The Quilt Complex, 2009


  1. so happy to see you blogging!
    LOVE this quilt oh it is just beautiful. the quilting and trapunto is amazing.

  2. The trapunto in "Currants and Coxcombs" is extraordinary and I love how it echoes and complements the applique design. Absolutely gorgeous!


  3. What a beautiful blog and post.
    I just came visiting from Quiltsalot and I'll be back often!